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Dr. Lynette Hinings-Marshall helped establish a successful tour company in Australia before moving to the United States. She created a new tour company for the Denver-based travel club Ports of Call, and generated more than $1million in sales in the first month of operation.

She opened her own International Guide Academy on the University of Denver campus that she ran for almost a decade before moving to Qatar.

In Doha she oversaw the design and integration of the corporate image for Qatar Airways.

Lynette owns Tourism Training Videos, which produced training videos for tour professionals. Lynette served on numerous tourism industry and education boards, authored the International Standards for Tour management, and has been recognised with a distinguished leadership award to international business.

While living in South Korea Lynette became a well-established travel writer for Arirang Magazine and completed a Master of Arts (Writing and Literature) degree.

Lynette is the author of Travel with the Dream Makers: Tour Guides' Untold Stories and she holds a PhD in Philosophy. 


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